2023 Business Plan: Snap and Boost Program Holds First Graduation

2023 Graduating Business Plan: Snap And Boost Class

Omaha, Nebraska- On March 28th GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center celebrated an amazing group of Entrepreneurs as the first graduating Class of Business Plan: Snap & Boost 2023 and the organization couldn’t be prouder!

This year, Cohort 1 was made up of individuals representing businesses in the industries of Transportation, Technology, Home Care, Childcare and Food Services. Each Entrepreneur completed this 6-week training program not only gaining knowledge and tools but also completed Business Plans.

The program also went through and recognized many students, with awards such as Best Student of The Cohort, Trail Blazer Award – First Male in Snap & Boost, and Team Lead The Justice League Award.

The winner of The Best Student Award Alecia Steed with Busy Vegan states, ” Busy Vegan started as an idea formulated in my mind that I continue to strive each day to make a reality. Snap & Boost was another steppingstone to help me accomplish that, by completing my business plan with the help of this class, it will help me get funding to grow my business.” 

We also heard from Kodjovi Zounon with Crowned Warrior LLC who won The Trailblazer Award. He states,” Business Plan: Snap & Boost was a great program that really helped me understand the basics of business strategies and creating a success business plan.”  

There were four winners of The Team Lead Award; Tierra Nesbit: IAM Curvy Red, Maria Correa: 3PHAS3 Media LLC, Marcella Dial: Dial’s Creative Customs LLC, Glennasha Walker: 50 Shades of Bundles. All of these participants stated similar things, such as Business Plan Snap and Boost is a Must!

Business Plans are an ESSENTIAL part of business growth, and now 22 more business owners are ready to advance to their next level of growth with an empowered vision. Thank you to our many sponsors, guest speakers, trainers, and collaborative partners in helping build something special and impactful for our collective community.

GNWBC is proud to continue supporting these Entrepreneurs in their quest of excellence and success on their business journeys. To learn more about Snap & Boost visit the link below!

About the GROW Nebraska® Women’s Business Center

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