Class is Now in Session: Business Plan Snap and Boost Program Kicks Off with Record 2023 February Attendance

Business Plan Snap and Boost is officially underway! The first class happened Tuesday February 21st. The energy of the first night of the class was amazing, The GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center was so excited to fill the first couple of classes to capacity! For those of you who may not know, Business Plan Snap and Boost is a 6-week program designed to provide insight to both new entrepreneurs as well as those who started business without fundamental business knowledge.

Joining the GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center for this year’s Business Plan: Snap & Boost Program are some incredible speakers, and two very qualified women who are trainers, Nicole Mitchell, and Virginia Lemmons.

Virginia Lemmons is the owner of VRL and Associates, a Business Services Consulting firm, located in Omaha, NE. Virginia states, “My passion is to be a part of the development and support for successful businesses as they grow and become a part of community economic development. I want to be an intricate part of charting the pathway business growth and expansion, while also being an active educational resource for businesses during growth and expansion.”

Virginia goes on to say she hopes to also gain insights for herself from this program, “I hope to gain some insights on additional ideas for business development, funding sources for business development, while also gaining the opportunity to collaborate with additional community partners.”

The second trainer Nicole Mitchell has been a proud resident of North Omaha, Nebraska, for the past 41 years. After completing Bryan Senior High School.

Nicole states her reason for being a part of the Snap and Boost program this year was, “I wanted to be able to provide basic business knowledge, and guided resources to new or existing businesses. While also helping business owners run and grow their business and provide them with the foundational skills needed to be successful. Which is exciting.”

Exciting indeed! With record numbers for the first two classes the director of the GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center had to shut the open enrollment down for those two classes! Which we could not have done without the incredible sponsors of this program. GNWBC would like to give a huge shout out to some of the sponsors which includes the following businesses: Small Business Administration, Nebraska Enterprise Fund, Omaha Community Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation, US Bank Foundation, and The Sherwood Foundation.  

GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center director Eden Butler states, “I’m very excited for a brand-new year of Snap & Boost! We have so many great trainings to look forward to in 2023 with so many stories of success on the way for our Nebraska entrepreneurs. We’ve been blessed to assemble a great team of trainers, guest speakers and content for our participants which should naturally produce a very successful program.”

GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center can’t wait to see all the participants and speakers at next week’s Business Plan Snap and Boost class, which is every Tuesday until the end of March.  For more information on Snap and Boost program and to see all of our incredible sponsors, visit our website!

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