Hi! I’m Lydia Okuku and I’m an upcoming freshman in University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring
in business management. When it comes to me being selfless, I have had many approaches to
it. I have donated and am active in different organizations, I am a caregiver in my family
business, and volunteer in OPL.

Being introduced to be a part of GNWBC has been a new adventure. I have been given the opportunity to sit beside Eden to observe and support the start of new entrepreneurs. Every single one of these entrepreneurs has sacrificed so much to start and I’m so happy that I can reassure and relieve their stress. Seeing so much effort from GNWBC and beyond makes me truly believe no one is ever alone, the system is a family.

Not only have I been a support to others, Eden has been a huge support to me. Every day I come in
I am greeted with positive energy and drive from Eden that makes me excited to work. Eden has
shown my worth in the GNWBC family even though my role isn’t top-level. I am extremely
grateful for her to be by my side, she is a strong influential person that has become my role
model now, and in my future years. Furthermore, I am, from the bottom of my heart, grateful that
I can be in this family, and know that I am doing something not many get the chance to have. I
am definitely enjoying myself, and love every moment of my adventure here.

About the GROW Nebraska® Women’s Business Center

The Grow Nebraska® Women’s Business Center’s mission since 2021 is to serve all Women, Cultures and Communities in achieving their Educational, Professional and Entrepreneurial goals. We believe in the potential of Women, Minorities, Immigrants and Families and choose to Educate, Train and help them obtain successful business ownership and employment.