Meet Glenisha Nelson, the Owner of The “G” Spot Spa and Wellness

Spas have always had the superpower to bring relaxation, and therapeutic transformation to the mind, body, and soul. Glenisha Nelson, the owner of The “G” Spot Spa and Wellness, is the driving force who strives to bring peace, balance, rejuvenation, and a sense of sanctuary to every client who walks through her door. The “G” Spot is a private-practice spa and wellness oasis; that offers a high-end service experience.

Glenisha is a Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated from the Omaha School of Massage Therapy in 2023. She has a full spa menu of services, but her most requested are facials, foot detoxes, body wraps, yoni steams, and of course her wide selection of massage options.  Her practice will soon offer specialized services in the area of lymphatic drainage and post-operative care. It is important that her Spa provides EVERY SINGLE CLIENT with a sense of community and belonging no matter what pocket you come from, whether Omaha, Bellevue, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, and any other surrounding area. And she does not seek to fully operate behind the scenes, her mission is to be extremely visible and active in person and online to use her platform to educate those near and far on “the power of healing touch.”

Glenisha’s journey has not been easy. She has carried the leadership and resilience of being the sole owner and operator without ANY hands-on mentorship. She understands the financial, mental, emotional, and physical challenges that any business faces when you are in the “building” phases, but her life’s journey has equipped her with all that she needs to continue to forge ahead.  She says, “My clientele is extremely loyal, supportive, and consistent…and that’s what keeps me motivated. This is a wellness ministry and I need them, just as much as they need me.” In addition to this – Eden Butler, GROW’s Executive Director, has also been a “beacon of hope and light” for Glenisha. Glenisha praises Eden for being “a wealth of everything”. Going more in-depth, she continues, “It’s hard to find people like that…that you can feel are truly rooting for you to win, in every facet of the word.”

Looking ahead, the “G” Spot just relocated to a 1400-square-foot suite in the Ponca Hills area (located off I-680 at the 48th Street exit) a few weeks ago! Glenisha is currently dealing with renovations and is very excited to have an open house for her clientele and most fervent supporters!  In May 2024, she launched her first product of her Spa’s Wellness Collection titled, “Inner/G”, which is an energy mist that is infused with essential oils to calm, clear, and center the mind and spirit.

We are thrilled to have shared a glimpse of the inspiring journey of Glenisha Nelson, and her dedication to holistic wellness, community, education, and a deeply-seated passion in ensuring that her clients experience exceptional care with each visit to The “G” Spot Spa and Wellness. To schedule your next Spa Day, to purchase your “Inner/G” Mist, and/or to stay up on the happenings, call (402) 403-9565 or visit:


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