Scholarship Program Holds Success for GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center Client Chelsea Hawkins

GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center is happy to announce their client, Chelsea Hawkins has officially graduated from University of Nebraska at Omaha with a little help from the team!

Back in the Fall of 2021, Chelsea came to the GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center to help officially launch her hair care company called Simply Soul. Simply Soul is known for selling hair masks right now however, they plan to grow and sell more products outside of just hair masks. Chelsea started this business hoping to help other people and give back knowing that the hair masks helped her with her overall hair and scalp health.

While in conversation, the GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center discovered Chelsea was only a few credit hours away from graduating college. Because of various life situations and other financial obligations, she’d decided to put off completing her schooling to focus on work and family.

After hearing this, the GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center Team leaped into action to try and secure funding for Chelsea so she could finish school, acquire her degree, and set her up for success on every platform of life – not just as an entrepreneur but as a whole woman. Chelsea says when the team first reached out to her, she felt a lot of fear. Chelsea states, “I was afraid to fail, because it had been quite a bit of time since I last went and took a class.”

Even with this fear Chelsea persevered, thanks to the generous donation from local car dealership, Home Team Auto Sales and their scholarship program, Chelsea Hawkins has officially finished college and now has her bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts. She walked the stage on Saturday May 13th, 2022.

Chelsea states, “I am grateful for the GROW Nebraska’s Woman’s business center because it makes me feel encouraged that someone else like me has the opportunity to receive funding.”

Chelsea also has some of her best photography works on display at the Fabric Lab until the end of July, the display features the display features photos of Barbies portraying the 7 deadly sins and the nuances of love and friendship.

Congratulations to Chelsea! The GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center and GROW Nebraska Foundation is so proud of your courage and strength. May you always be a light and shining example of what happens when you never stop dreaming and put your vision into action. 

For more information on this check out The Women’s Business Center website, and view Chelsea’s products on her website here! 

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