GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center Partners with Step Up Omaha to add New Client Coordinator

Billiana Mekoum GNWBC team member

GROW Nebraska Women’s business center is excited to add Billiana Mekoum to the team! Billiana started this endeavor September 27th and is already taking the GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center by storm.

She joined by a program called Step Up Omaha. This program is helping youths across Nebraska get a job at multiple locations. The GNWBC has been a part of this program for a little while now.

The Step Up Program states “In 2012, the City of Omaha, Empowerment Network and community partners challenged the business community, philanthropists, community organizations, and individuals to help us employ youth and young adults.  Businesses, organizations, foundations and other supporters have responded.”  GNWBC is thankful to be one of the many businesses involved in this.

Billiana is a first generation student in her family, she is attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She has her hands full as she balances majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resources, and being an active member of multiple clubs on top of working at the GNWBC. However, she is still excited for the change of pace at GNWBC.

Billiana states “Most of my hobbies are community related. That was what stood out to me about this program, they are so active in the community. The most exciting part for me is being able to help our community grow as a whole but also help people grow with their business plans.”

Billiana will be an acting client coordinator. She will be sitting in on meetings and following up with all members. She is also in control of GNWBC administrative duties, and managing social media. GNWBC is so excited to have a new very capable pair of hands and eyes on these duties.

Eden Butler, who runs the GNWBC states, “The amazing Summer ended with Lydia and this Fall began with Billiana. I’m very grateful for the partnership we’ve established with Step-Up Omaha and thank Step Up for connecting the GNWBC with the best and brightest talent this next generation has to offer the Greater Omaha area. Billiana is showing to be wise beyond her years and has an innate thirst for knowledge. Also, like me, Billiana is a creative that understands the power of strong marketing. The potential and possibilities of the GNWBC has now officially doubled and I’m excited for all that’s to come!” 

Welcome to the team Billiana, and thank you to Step Up Omaha for this incredible partnership!

About the GROW Nebraska® Women’s Business Center

The Grow Nebraska® Women’s Business Center’s mission since 2021 is to serve all Women, Cultures and Communities in achieving their Educational, Professional and Entrepreneurial goals. We believe in the potential of Women, Minorities, Immigrants and Families and choose to Educate, Train and help them obtain successful business ownership and employment.